Within this site you will find general information about the District and the ad valorem property tax system in Texas, as well as information regarding specific properties within the district.

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On June 29, 2022, Ricardo I. S. D. voted to remove a 10% local option homestead exemption on properties that have qualified for homestead exemption for the 2022 year.  Kleberg County Appraisal District was notified of the change and implemented the change in the appraisal records.  In accordance with Section 25.193, Kleberg County Appraisal District sent out notifications to property owners titled 2022 Notice of Canceled or Reduced Exemptions which stated that the list reported on the document represents only exemptions or partial exemptions approved for the preceding year which have been cancelled or reduced for the current year.  If other exemptions are approved for the property and have not changed, they will not be listed in this notice.  The notice then listed the Taxing Unit, Prior Year Exemption and then the Current Year Exemption.  See Sample of 2022 Notice of Canceled or Reduced Exemptions Below.  If Prior Year Exemption shows HS and Current Year Exemption Shows HS, this does not mean that the whole exemption was canceled or reduced.  For the year 2021, the HS (Homestead) exemption for Ricardo I.S.D. consisted of a two-part exemption.  One part included the state mandated exemption and one part included Ricardo I.S.D.’s additional 10% local option homestead exemption.  Once Ricardo I.S.D.  voted to remove the additional local option exemption of 10% for the 2022 year, only part of the HS (Homestead) exemption was canceled or reduced.  In this case, those that qualify for their HS (homestead) exemption continue to benefit from the state mandated homestead exemption part which is 40,000 for the 2022 year (The state mandated homestead exemption part was 25,000 in 2021).   Please contact the appraisal district if you have any questions on this notice.   

Sample Canceled Exemption Notice